Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk: A Synopsis

The first rule about Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. Yet here we are. The novel is a rip-roaring tsunami that decimates imagined realities we’ve chosen to ignore or adapt to like second nature: Gucci minks should not be a priority. Also, the narrator gives us an insight into his psyche every chance he gets. He tries to transgress the social constructs by beating himself or some witting participant into a pulp in the evening.

Yes, they fight at Fight Club. Life’s lost in chaos, and this provides order, by having none. People from all walks of life are equal here, just blood bags out to bloody each other up. It’s not ordinary, right? Well, that’s transgressional fiction for you. In the book, the narrator is out to find himself between Ikea catalogs and battered and bruised evenings with Tyler Durden. The attack on consumerism is blatant, and the existential crisis painted is brilliant. This book is definitely worth a read, especially considering modern-day homo sapiens. Also, this is a love story. Go figure.


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