A Ride Away

Human rights violations? You can question its existence because the order of the day is social validation.

Driver, where are we heading? Hello?

Oh, I see vanity has taken the wheel.

A mother sets the table after catering to the quotidian demands of life. She’ll probably get a “love you, mumma” on Mother’s Day, a stamp of approval from Instagram and Co. Tones of sepia, perpetua, and clarendon will mask reality to cue the orgastic barrage of likes and shares. Let’s perpetuate this, shall we?

But today, she’ll have to do with a side order of neglect from the apple of her eye whose life’s highlight reel could be used in a commercial—kids, this is your life on social constructs. And we thought heroin made you lose your mind. Yet, life continues to snake among fat cheques, fat checks, and no fact checks. 

Somewhere between the left and right swish of the thumb we’ve lost the plot, or maybe we never had it. Swipe left. Ponder how human conscience is a misstep in evolution. Swipe right. Someone’s getting laid tonight. Maybe a tap-to-switch tabs is what could save humankind.

700,000 Rohingyas in exile. The war on drugs takes a heinous turn in Philippines. Uyghurs face religious re-education in China. Are you keeping tabs?

Thanks for the ride, this is where I get off. Keep the change, it’s too late for that anyway.

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