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Discovering the nuances of life through the lens of fitness in its myriad expressions

A Ride Away

Human rights violations? You can question its existence because the order of the day is social validation. Driver, where are we heading? Hello? Oh, I see vanity has taken the wheel. A mother sets the table after catering to the quotidian demands of life. She’ll probably get a “love you, mumma” on Mother’s Day, a…

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I wither every day. I can feel the crinkle of dry leaves on my skin. It’s a silent autumn day in the cerebrum. Decay. Decay. Decay. I feel imprisoned. I feel misguided. I feel enlightened. I feel like lighting illusion on fire. Reality will never be enough. Purpose will never be enough. A higher dimension…

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Just Another Day in the Life

Yes, I struggle with depression. Lonesome, my heart feels strangled by a boa constrictor. It sinks at the same time, trying to fall though to my pelvis. The mind’s on a different plane altogether. Here it goes: “Fall, bludgeon, oblivion. Everything will be meaningless. Even if everything were full of meaning, like the cure to…

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How Are You?

Rahul’s a 26-year-old literature graduate. He works as a content writer, or at least tries to. Life’s stuck between taglines and writing words on top of words. The job description equals a sedentary life, and he ends sentences with prepositions. He’s not a fan of Shakespeare. Sue him. He can’t have sex. Maybe he doesn’t…

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